:: Why we are tackling Root Causes – not symptoms

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:: We Can’t Drive Change Alone, Or Piece-meal

At a personal level, making deep change is hard.
As living is complex, there is a lot of factors to take into account when we want to change our lives: We got to take care of our bodies, our minds, our relationships, our careers, our financial well being … the list goes on.

If we try to make change on our own, or if we try to make piece-meal change without taking everything into account, we are going to run into several problems. For example, you may find that you are not able to prioritise or integrate what it takes to live a better life. You might constantly switch focus to different parts of your life that you want to improve, not being able to grasps all of the information you need for each part. Partial and incomplete solutions offer false hope, take our energy and our time with which we can make progress.

The power of working together

If we don’t work with other people, we don’t work on the best information that’s available, as noone of us knows everything.
Only through working together we can find the best way forward for ourselves personally and collectively.

Doing that involves combining a lot of different factors. We need good information and the best support we can get. That way we can make sure we are approaching things in the right way and it also helps us sustain the efforts that it takes to change behaviors and habits and also change ourselves.

We need to address social, economic and environmental factors and we need to do so sustainably, working towards a socially just and a responsible economy that respects the natural environment.

So the way to fix our world’s problems is through addressing their root causes in a joined-up manner across personal, societal and organizational levels.


What do we see when we take a deep look at our society?
It is organised on a competitive, winner-takes-just-about-all basis. The dominant social values of money, fashion and acclaim are sort-of gods.
Make no mistake – economic and capitalist principles have played a critical role in lifting humanity into modernity, however, we are not living in that time anymore.
Social norms belie the kind and altruistic natures that are proven to lie at the core of most people.

Society now chugs away based on patterns and rules which at best we partially comprehend. The complexity of modern life (and the pervasiveness of misinformation) are beyond our biased abilities to fully process. While we may wish to fight injustices and change society for the better, in reality we mostly see it as being too vast for us to effectively influence.
We (hopefully) exercise our votes, those of us lucky enough to have them .. and shrug when our politicians break their promises again.

So given the complex, rapidly changing society we live in, why do we still hold on to out-dated norms from the past? Why do we still teach our children in a school model that emerged from a time when society was in need of fabric workers, not individual thinkers?

We need a society, where every single one of us can find their place. Where we can contribute with our personal skills. A society that focuses on creativity rather than just on copying others.
A society that we change according to our needs.

We need a society that is for the people!

If you consider the following, the change we are looking for may actually be within our grasps:
Things are only rational because we have agreed for it to be that way.
Every single law even though it may be rational in many ways, is not natural reality. It is our constructed social reality.

The fact that these constructs define, control and inform our lives even though we made them up and the fact THAT we made them up, becomes hugely empowering if we trust that those norms can no longer sustain us into a new future.
The old cannot continue forever, but when we realize that we made those norms up, we are not stuck with them. Instead we can change them. And in moving our norms we also move society.

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March 28, 2017

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